About Us

Welcome to Juanita High School!

JHS Vision Statement

Students, staff, parents, and community working together will provide our students the opportunity to learn to use their minds well and develop the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to become life-long learners, responsible citizens, informed decision-makers, and competitive workers in our global economy.

JHS Beliefs

The purpose of school is to be academic in nature and to prepare students for a society which is changing, highly technological and interdependent. Students should meet high expectations within the scope of their individual abilities and unique learning needs. The quality of work produced depends upon the student’s level of engagement and the quality of work expected and provided.

An encouraging and nurturing learning environment is essential for growth; students thrive when given personal attention. Students and staff need time for planning, reflecting and working together.Partnerships between school, family and community are essential.

Final responsibility rests with the individual student for behavior and performance.