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Dear JHS 2010 Alumni,
It’s crazy to think that it has been ten years since we graduated from Juanita. While we’re all sure to have changed a great amount from our days in those halls, it’s time to get together to revel in the times we’ve had there and since, and to celebrate how far we’ve come.
We want to have everyone there, so we’ve created a Facebook page to organize the event and to keep track of everyone in the hopes that finding everyone for future events will be easy. If you want to find that group, please go on Facebook and search for JHS Class of 2010 Reunion. If you do not for whatever reason use facebook, please send an email to so we can add you to the list of guests. Let us know if you plan to bring a +1!
The plans for our ten year reunion are well along and we have some awesome ideas for the event. Please hop online or on your phones and contact your friends to see if they’re also coming to the reunion – We hope to see everyone there!
JHS Class of 2010 Reunion committee