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WELCOME REBELS! Below you will find an alphabetical list of everything you need to know to get this year started!

Fees & Prices

Fees/Prices: Use the chart below to see some of the fees/prices for this year. Avoid long lines at the Bookkeeper's office and writing multiple checks by paying online!


ASB Card $50  
Athletic Fee $200  
Parking See Parking info below  
Yearbook $70  


2019-2020 Welcome Packet

ASB/ID Cards

ASB & ID cards:

Student ID cards are issued at no charge.

ALL students are required to carry their current JHS ID card with them during the school day and at all school events.

ASB cards cost $50. ALL students participating in school activities are required to purchase an ASB card. ASB cards also admit students to all home games for free and for a reduced price at away games, dances and student activities.


Athletics: In addition to registering online, students will need a current Sports Physical and a Medical History form on file. These forms can be found online and/or in the Athletics Office.


Busses: The Lake Washington School District's Transportation Office will mail a postcard 1-2 weeks before school starts to students who ride the bus with their bus information.

Questions regarding whether or not your student is eligible to ride the bus? Click here to find out.

Questions or concerns? Please call the Transportation Department at 425.936.1120.

Class Schedules

Class schedules will be handed out the first day of school.


Counseling:  Please visit the Counseling section on our website for information and helpful resources. Individual appointments for students and families will begin mid-September when the appointment slips become available.

Schedules will be available on the first day of school.  Students with “See Counselor” in their schedules will have the opportunity to see their counselor the first week of school.  Limited schedule change requests will be accepted during the first 3 days of the semester.  Please see the “Schedule Change Requests/Process” section of the August counselor letter for further information.

If you need to enroll your child, please first visit the JHS website at:  All steps to enroll your child, as well as required paperwork, are available on this page.  You may also register your student at the Lake Washington School District Resource Center in Redmond.  Please click here for the summer registration schedule:

Emergency & Contact Information

Emergency & Contact Information: Beginning in August, you can update your student's email address, phone number, emergency contacts and address online. To do this, log onto Parent Access and click on Skyward Family Access. Click on your student's name and verify your student's information. Make any changes necessary and click submit. (If you are changing your student's address, please email with scanned proof of your new address (e.g. a utility bill). Without that proof, your address will not be changed.) If you don't have a Parent Access account, now is a good time to set one up! Just go to the Parent Access page on the district website for detailed instructions.

Health Concerns

Health Concerns: Students with any life threatening medical conditions (seizures, asthma, cardiac condition, diabetes, allergy requiring an Epipen, or other significant condition) are required to have an Individual Health Plan (IHP), a signed authorization to Administer Medication form for each medication, and their emergency rescue medications at the school BEFORE the first day of school. If these are not received, the guardian will be called by the principal to pick up their student immediately. These forms and more information can be found on the LWSD website.

High School & Beyond

High School & Beyond: Did you know that HS&B is a graduation requirement? Lessons and activities will be presented to students during homeroom and students will use CareerCruising/Xello to complete their High School & Beyond Plans each school year.


Immunizations: Students are required to be in compliance with immunization requirements at the start of each school year. Immunization requirements are listed on the Department of Health website. Please check with your student's health care provider to verify your student meets the state immunization requirements.


Laptops will be given during the first days of school. Students must bring the Student/Parent Laptop Agreement in order to receive their laptops. Laptop Agreement & Handbook - click here.

Insurance Options:

Families may wish to protect against liability for lost, damaged or stolen property by reviewing their insurance options. Some homeowner’s policy may offer coverage and some may offer this coverage if a rider is acquired.

In addition, Lake Washington School District has arranged for an insurance option for families wishing to purchase a specific additional insurance to cover their student’s laptop. This insurance can be purchased from Worth Insurance Group. The premium is $61.60 per year and covers accidental damage and theft (police report required). The deductible in this policy is $0. This insurance can be acquired directly by accessing The company also offers coverage for other personal technology systems. If you choose not to purchase the optional insurance or do not otherwise have coverage, you will be responsible for fees for damaged or lost/stolen equipment, as defined in the laptop handbook on page 6.

Medications at School

Medications at School: If a student requires any prescription or non-prescription medication while at school, an Authorization to Administer Medication form is required for EACH medication. The form must be signed by both the guardian and the health care provider AND the orders must match the medication exactly. All medications must be brought to school by the guardian. At the end of the school year, the guardian needs to pick up the medication. Emergency rescue medication will not be released until the end of the last day of school. Any medications not picked up at the end of the school year will be destroyed.

Off-Campus Passes

Off-Campus Passes: The Off-Campus Pass ONLY applies to leaving campus during your lunch period. These passes are only available to Juniors & Seniors who have no fines or discipline issues. Off-Campus passes are available here or in the Attendance Office.

Parent Access

Parent Access: Stay informed and involved in your student's education through Parent Access. This is the way you can access your student's classroom and gradebook information, view their attendance, add money to their lunch account, pay their class fees/fines and sign up to volunteer. Just go to Parent Access page on the district website for more information and to register.

Parking on Campus

School Lunch & Breakfast Info

School Lunch & Breakfast: Student breakfasts and lunches are available each day in our cafeteria. Click here to visit the LWSD website for daily menus, pricing, to add money to a lunch account.

School Photos for ID & Purchase

School Photos for ID & Purchase:

ALL students must have their picture taken for their no cost Student ID card.

ASB/ID photos will be taken on September 3rd & 4th, 2019

Yuen Lui School Photography will have picture packages available for you to purchase on these days. Click here to view your package options. Checks for picture packages should be made out to Yuen Lui Photography.

Picture retakes will be on October 11th, 2019