High School and Beyond


Welcome to your High School and Beyond Plan (HSBP)! To be ready for roughly 67% of the jobs in today’s world, you need additional education or training after high school. Using the time you are given to work on your HSBP can help you maximize your education and prepare to move forward after high school graduation.  

The HSBP graduation requirement focuses on three guiding questions:

  • Who am I?
  • What can I become?
  • How do I become that?

Use these three questions as your guide to think about who you are and what you are passionate about, explore possible jobs that align with your interests, skills and dreams, and discover what kind of post-high school education and/or training will best prepare you for a job that fits you!

Your school counselor, advisor and/or teachers, and your family or guardian(s), can help you create and update this plan as your interests and goals change. Use the activities that help build your HSBP to guide your decisions about which are the best available classes to take. Ideally, you’ll be able to enroll in a combination of required and elective classes that will provide an opportunity to explore your interests, develop your skills, meet specific credit and course requirements, and prepare for your future goals.

Post high school options to consider as a meaningful first next step after high school include on-the-job training (including internships and public service), technical colleges, industry-recognized certificate programs, apprenticeship programs, military training, or two/four-year colleges. There are multiple state and federal financial aid programs and other sources of financial assistance that can help pay for the further education and training you need to complete through one or more of these post-high school options.


Required elements of your High School and Beyond Plan (sections will be underlined):

  • Identification of your career goals using a career interest inventory. JHS uses the Xello platform to deliver lessons—Click on the button for instructions on how to access Xello:   how to access Xello
  • Identification of your educational goals.
  • A course plan that meets state and local graduation requirements, aligns with your career and educational goals, and documents your chosen graduation pathway(s).

o  As part of the course planning process, students must be informed of and provided access to Dual Credit and College Bound Scholarship information and document any completed Career and Technical Education (CTE) equivalency courses.

  • Evidence you received information about state and federal financial aid options.
  • A current résumé or activity log.

 By 8th grade, you will complete your first career interest inventory. The results can show you careers that match your interests, skills, and personality. This information may help you decide what classes to take in 9th grade. You should revise your plan each year to match your changing interests and ideas about what you want to do the year after graduating from high school.

If you have not met standard on your statewide math, science, and/or English language arts (ELA) assessments; your plan must also include interventions and academic supports, additional courses, or both that can help you meet related course and credit graduation requirements.

Remember, the HSBP is used to guide your high school experience and prepare you for postsecondary education or training and/or a career. This plan should be updated each year to:

  • reflect your academic progress through a review of your high school transcript,
  • document accomplishments and activities, and
  • assess progress toward identified goals and make adjustments if needed.

completing your hsbp

Your plan should be revised as often as necessary to accurately reflect your changing interests, goals, and needs. School staff can use the information in your plan to help connect you with opportunities aligned with your HSBP, so help them help you by taking this seriously and only including information that accurately reflects your current plan!


Students can find a list of lessons to be done on their JHS College & Career Center Teams page.

Please contact Mrs. Hasslinger with questions…ahasslinger@lwsd.org


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