National Honor Society

What is National Honor Society?

National Honor Society is a volunteer club dedicated to serving the community. The pillars of National Honor Society are character, service, leadership, and scholarship. Through National Honor Society, students serve the school and community and develop strong character strengths that they will carry on beyond their high school careers.

National Honor Society Website:

Juanita National Honor Society

Juanita National Honor Society has been a crucial part of the community. Some of our activities to support our school include Peer tutoring, campus clean ups, school supply drives for LWSD schools, mentoring programs for elementary schools, and many more. NHS encourages students to become leaders at clubs, programs, and organizations and to take part in any cause.

NHS at Juanita primarily uses OneNote and Teams to supply its members and participants with information, opportunities, policies and all other updates. A student will be added to both platforms after filling out the Participation Application and gaining acceptance into NHS.


2021-2022 JHS First Semester Cumulative Volunteer Hours!

First Semester Hour Accomplishments!

Freshmen: 675.75

Sophomores: 1,042.25

Juniors: 1,389.5

Seniors: 1,030

JHS NHS Contacts

Contact Us
NHS email:
Instagram: @juanitahonorsociety
Facebook: Juanita High School National Honor Society

2023-2024 NHS Policies

Participation application: Application due date has passed, however please reach out to Mr. Griffin for late application consideration.

Induction: Sophomores and juniors can apply for induction in the spring. Freshmen cannot apply for induction; it is the official rule of NHS. Eligible students will be notified in the spring. There will be an Induction Ceremony to officially pledge those students into NHS and hand them the official NHS certificate.

GPA: Minimum of 3.5, it is an official rule of NHS.

Gold cords: Graduating seniors who have participated in NHS for 2 years and inducted for 1 year will be given a gold cord for graduation. Eligible seniors will be notified in the spring.

Dues: $5 National Honor Society dues are to be paid to the bookkeeper. Fees will be waived for students who qualify for free/reduced lunch and can talk to the bookkeeper to arrange waiving the fee. Need to have ASB membership to pay for NHS.

Volunteer Hours: 30 volunteer hours must be completed throughout the school year. Of these 30 total hours, at least 6 must be chapter sponsored hours. 10 of these total hours must be completed by the end of 1st semester. Only 8 of these total hours may, but are not required to, be completed during the summer previous to the start of the school year. Hours can be turned in using Microsoft Forms for each grade level. Volunteer opportunities can be found on OneNote, Teams and Linktree.

Meetings: 2 mandatory meetings must be attended to qualify for induction or to remain a member, if unable to make one, the student can fill out a meeting appeal form

  • Optional meetings are held every 2nd Wednesday in the Library at 7:20 am.

Probation: Will be put on probation if a member or participant fails to fulfill any of the policies. One has until 03/16 to fill out a probation form and complete the required activity or reply to an email. Failure to do so will result in a meeting with the NHS Board and Advisor, and you may be excused from NHS. If a student is put on probation, they will receive an email.