Activities & Clubs

Have Fun, Get Involved!

ASB cards are required for club & sports participation. ASB cards can be purchased from the JHS Bookkeeping Office. The office is open before & after school, and during lunches.

We have multiple clubs to choose from!


Meeting time is club days in Room 309.

The African American Students Advocacy Program (ASAP) was created to provide African American students with opportunities to celebrate their heritage and share it with others. The program also offers opportunities to socialize and get to know students at Juanita.  All students are invited to participate in the program; membership is not limited to students  of African descent. The program is considered a support group, but is run as a structured organization.

Sponsors:  Mrs. Cynthia Baker, Mr. Taylor Bowlby, and Mrs. Christina Hunsberger

ASL Honor Society

ASL Honor Society:  Mr. Toby Welch, Wednesdays at 12:55pm in Room 308


Astronomy Club

Athletes for Kids

Athletes for Kids:  Ms. Bell - Wednesdays, after school


Chess Club: Mr. Clark, Wednesdays, room 320

Class Cabinets

Class Cabinets: Wednesdays, during lunch

Each year brings different responsibilities; some activities include Homecoming events, school t-shirt or sweatshirt design, class ring and graduation announcement designs, your senior prom and all kinds of other decisions regarding your graduating class. One important responsibility of a Class Cabinet is to raise money for their senior prom.Open to all-you can even join as a senior!

Freshman Cabinet: Ms. Bowers

Sophomore Cabinet: Mr. Salmi & Ms. Shields

Junior Cabinet: Ms. Bell & Ms. Gengo

Senior Cabinet: Mr. Hullinger & Ms. Hasslinger

Classical Literature

Classical Literature Club: Ms. Gerdes, Thursdays, 2:45-3:30pm


Construction Club:  Mr. Meyer

D & D

Dungeons & Dragons: Mr. Wakeman - Fridays, 2:45-4pm, in P16B


DECA Ms. Jennifer Harris, Rm 375, Days TBD

DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe. If you are interested in a career in marketing or business, sign up for a marketing or business class and you are automatically in DECA. If you are not in a class, join our after-school club to prepare for competition and go to leadership conferences.



Drama Club - Ms. Elizabeth McMurray-Hauk, after school, during the Production Workshop times (which vary depending on our play schedule).

Drama offers regular hour classes, and an after-school Production Workshop class that is open to drama club members at the beginning of each semester. The club meets after school, and members are involved in all facets of our drama productions at JHS.

Earth Corps

Earth Corps - Mr. Clark, Tuesdays 2:45,  Rm 320
If you are interested in the environment, this is the group for you!

Future Problem Solving

Mr. Suruda & Ms. Jordan.  Date and Time TBD

Future Problem Solving, a JHS club just forming, is looking for students to take part in speech, writing and networking around current issues.  Besides meeting here at JHS, students will have the opportunity to travel for local and regional competitions.


Gaming Club meets Thursdays 2:50-3:50, room P3A Mr. Cheng


Meeting time is Wednesdays after school 12:45-1:05 and Fridays after school 2:50-3:20.  Portable 8A

The Gender & Sexuality Alliance is a student-run organization dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment for LGBTQIA people and their Straight Allies to come together and express themselves, while working toward bettering their community and combating homophobia and transphobia in all its forms. In GSA students watch movies, learn about LGBTQIA folks from history, discuss current issues facing the community and build relationships based on shared values and experiences.​

Sponsors:  Mrs. Cynthia Baker and Mr. Taylor Bowlby

Honor Society

Honor Society– Mrs. Jesse RM 208 

Meeting are every first Friday of the month, 7:20a, Library

This is a nationally sponsored club that is oriented around and promotes school and community service. Students must reapply to participate yearly. Participation applications are due by September 28. Participants must maintain a 3.5 cumulative GPA for one year and complete 30 hours of service to be eligible for the spring induction as a full member of the National Honor Society. Once inducted, members must maintain their 3.5 GPA, 30 hours yearly, and attend meeting thorough the year. Bulletin-board with all material/forms/turn-in box is located in RM 208.


HOSA—Mr. Clemente & Ms. Pike, Wednesdays after school. room 381

HOSA is a nationally recognized club about health sciences where students explore the medical field and potential careers within it through research and competition.


Interact Club- Ms. Phillips - Thursdays, Homeroom Club Time, meet in the CCC.
Interact Club provides volunteer opportunities to anyone who would like to join. It gives members a chance to give back to our community. Our service projects involve blood drives held twice yearly, collecting food for Hopelink, cleaning up local parks and designing cards for members of Merrill Gardens, senior living homes. Connected with Kirkland Rotary.


Key Club meets Thursday mornings, 7:20, P4A, Ms. Potts

Key Club is a high school service club affiliated with the Kiwanis organization. We do charity drives, service projects and other fun service activities that help our school and local community. We also co-run the annual Transition Room Carnival every June. Join us, have fun and help out!

Languages: ASL, French, Japanese & Spanish

Our French, Japanese, and Spanish clubs are quite active, creating cultural awareness festivities throughout the year.

*Japanese Club -Ms. Roberts

*Spanish Club -

*World Travel! Many world language classes are offering trips abroad this Spring or Summer. Ask your language teacher or Mr. Miller. Some other opportunities to think about for the future…. These are classes that have clubs attached to them. Consider enrolling in one next year!!

Literary Magazine

Literary Magazine -  Rm 357, Ms. Steward.  Date & Time TBD

Our Literary Magazine is created and published once each year and represents an outstanding collection of JHS student visual art, poetry and short stories.


Model United Nations- Mr. Winkler, P8B, Tuesday mornings 7:20am
M.U.N. is committed to providing an atmosphere in which all participants can use information and skills to effectively represent their countries in civilized debate. If you’re interested in world affairs, this is your chance to join others with a similar interest.


Pokemon– Mr. Clemente - Thursdays, room 381

Rebellion - Student Newspaper

The Rebellion --Mr. Cheng, P03A, Wednesdays at lunch-with some variation

This is our student newspaper. Current events, editorials, and all kinds of good Rebel Info will be published here. Write about your favorite Juanita story!


Recording Club– Mr. Stutz

We discuss recording/writing/producing/whatever-else-you-want-to-do!


Shakespeare - Ms. Brewe. In the library during homeroom, P197A

We work on creating a love of the language of Shakespeare’s time and to enjoy the power of the stories through creating a community to share in the appreciation of Shakespeare’s plays and the humanities.

Society for Urban Gardening

Society for Urban Gardening - Ms. Jordan,

Thursdays, P198, 2:50-3:50pm

This is a volunteer program that trains individuals in the science and art of gardening.  We promote home-scale organic food gardening to improve nutrition, health and self-reliance while enhancing the quality of life and the environment. We strive to pass on the information learned to advise and support our local community.


Splatoon - Mr. Bowlby,Tuesdays from 2:50-4pm, room PO8A

Student Senate

Student Senate- Mrs. Hasslinger - Various times/periods-ACTime

This is our school government for student activities. Representatives from each homeroom and Club should attend. Meetings discuss student issues and monitor the spending of ASB funds


Technology Student Association (TSA) - Mr. Shelton, Thursdays after school, room 378

Are you interested in, rockets, robotics, Co2 cars, or just making stuff? Maybe you would be interested in joining a club where you get to build stuff and make things? Then TSA is for you!


Mr. Fleming.  Meets during Home Room club time in the library.