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Sportsmanship Rules

KingCo Sportsmanship Rules

Click here for the Sportsmanship Rules from the KingCo Handbook

Signs & Banners: All signs MUST be preapproved by the school administration. (pages 14 & 15)

Stadium Re-entry: Adults & Students leaving the stadium will NOT be allowed to return. (page 16 #8)

Student Conduct: As these games are school functions, students are expected to exercise good judgment in their conduct and dress. UNACCEPTABLE CONDUCT IS CAUSE FOR EJECTION FROM THE PREMISES. Artificial noisemakers, such as air horns, bells, whistles, etc. are prohibited, as is throwing confetti, and other objects. Megaphones are to be used by the cheer staff or administration only. Shirts are required. (pages 14 & 15)

Middle School Students: All middle school students MUST be accompanied by a paying adult/responsible adult that will remain with them through the entire game. A high school student for this purpose is not considered a responsible adult. This is a KingCo rule and will be enforced for the safety of middle school students. (page 16 #8)

Coaches & Contact Info

Fall Sports

Cross Country Robert Eichelsdoerfer

Football Lele Teo

Golf, boys - Michael Bailey

Slow Pitch Softball, girls

Soccer, girls - Stefa Chow & Jacalyn Williams

Swimming, girls Patrick Monson

Tennis, Boys Justin Ochsner

Volleyball Rob Jammerman

Winter Sports

Basketball, boys Justin Mezistrano

Basketball, girls Todd Brink

Cheer Rachel Fiske

Gymnastics Samantha Hanson

Swimming, boys Christina Hunsberger

Wrestling Dan Davis

Spring Sports

Badminton Peter Cheng

Baseball Brian Shannon

Golf, girls Andy Walford

Soccer, boys Matt Brown

Softball Traci Odegard

Tennis, girls Liz Currey

Track and Field Neil Kells

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