Scholarships 101

Scholarship Basics:

Scholarships can feel like illusive ghosts hiding all around you. You can find them at your job, through community organizations, at sports events, and places you volunteer, they can also be offered directly by Universities or be found online.

Scholarships can be awarded based on your grades, volunteer work interests, and challenges you've overcome. Most will ask you for some basic information about yourself and then a short essay or two. Scholarships with smaller amounts ($250-$650) are much less likely to receive applicants and therefore are almost always worth applying for.

In most cases, the organizations who award scholarships will hold onto the funds for you and give them directly to the University that you choose to attend. Some will give you the funds to use at your discretion.

Funds almost always help to cover tuition but in many cases can be used for books, dorms, meal plans, and sometimes even a school laptop or flights home.

Where to Find scholarships in the wild:

If you work for a large organization, ask a manager or google the name of the company to see if they offer scholarships. The same can be done for any other organization you are a part of including many school clubs, sports, churches, and volunteer organizations.

Finding Scholarships online:

We also recommend 4 different sites where you can find scholarships online. You won't need to make a profile on all of them, instead, review the Scholarship Site Recommendations in the blue boxes below and see which one suits what you're seeking. Once you've found one you like, create a profile where it will filter out any scholarship that isn't relevant to you. You need to include all the hobbies and interests you feel comfortable writing about, otherwise, they might be hidden from you.

Basic Safety Tips:

You should never need to supply your Social Security number to apply for a scholarship!

You should never need to pay to get a scholarship except for the CSS Profile offered through the College Board!

Always google the name of the organization offering the scholarship to make sure they are an established and real company that isn't just seeking to sell your data or market loans to you!

Pro Tip:

You can easily create a new email account to send all your scholarships and college interest emails to. This way you won't receive a bunch of spam to your email. It can also easily be shared with a parent so they aren't asking you for updates all the time.

Local Scholarships

18 FREE Scholarship Certificate Templates (Word & PDF Format)

Scholarships by Type

When we receive direct invites for scholarships we post them here.

Many are small, local or otherwise specified to Juanita students.

Scholarships for Underclassmen

Marginalized/Special Interest Scholarships

Scholarships Open to Seniors

Scholarship Site Recommendation:

The College Board is a popular site for students to use since you likely already have a profile. This is where you will check your SAT scores, and they also have a great college search feature. When you complete steps like adding Colleges you're interested in you are automatically entered in a drawing for a $40,000 Scholarship.

Government Aid Resources

  • FAFSA - Free Application for Federal Student Aid
  • WASFA - Washington Application for State Financial Aid
  • Net Price Calculator find out how much college is going to cost and resources that will help you get there.

What is the CSS profile and do we recommend it?

The CSS Profile offered by the College Board is a financial aid tool utilized by some colleges to get a more well-rounded idea of a family's financial status than can be provided by FASFA alone. It costs $25 to submit and covers everything from your parent's retirement to your home and other assets.

You can see a total list of schools participating here.

If you're seeking more information and a quick guide to completing it then I suggest reading this article by the College Essay Guy.

For many students the CSS profile is necessary, especially low-income families, but for those with a complicated financial history who are planning to or have already been accepted to colleges that utilize the CSS profile then a $25 investment can end up giving you dividends in future college funds.

Scholarship Site Recommendation:

The WashBoard is a Washington-specific scholarship site that prides itself on being spam-free and never selling your information. Though it doesn't always work on student's computers it's an old stand-by for harder-to-find scholarships.

Senior Scholarship Referral

Every year Jasper and Peggy are asked to refer many students for scholarships and recognition. Fill out this form to tell us about yourself so we can recognize you.

Scholarship Site Recommendation:

Famous for it's no essay scholarship and direct admission to colleges, removing the application process to attend colleges nation wide. However there are some scholarships offered by questionable companies such as Sallie Mae-  a notoriously aggressive loan company.

Browse Scholarship by Deadlines

Scholarship Site Recommendation:

For a long time, we have recommended Going Merry for its easy-to-find search engine and its easy FASFA tool. It's important to know, that Going Merry was recently acquired by a loan company. We don't know how this will affect the quality of their site.

Going Merry Upcoming Scholarships