What Parents Should Know

Check Out The Book of Basics

The book of basics cover

This book covers:

How does high school work in America?

What classes do I need to take to graduate from High School?

What is the High School and Beyond plan/ Xello?

What are my students' options post high school?

Is college important?

What are the types of colleges?

What are majors?

How can I help my student find their major?

What are minors?

What do I do if my student is off track/ no doing well in courses?

Can my student still go to college if they have bad grades?

What if my child isn’t interested in going to college?

What is the college application process for 2 year schools?

What is the college application process for 4 year schools?

Where to submit a college application


Common App


Letters or Recommendation


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In recent years there have been many changes to job hunting, college admissions, and even what job are still lucrative. Junita's College and Career Center is here to support you and your student though it all. This page will distill the core components from the basics to the advanced. You may also want to see what we recommended based on your student's grade level on their own dedicated pages. If you still have more questions we are happy to meet with you face to face, or send us your questions by email. 

Information on 2 year and 4 year colleges

This page is still under development and will be added to shortly. 
Stay tunes for our glossary of terms, more detailed SAT information, new updates about changes to FAFSA, and more ways to support your student, as well as a FAQ for careers and jobs!