College & Career Center

The CCC is open Monday-Friday, 7am - 3:00pm

Kendra Phillips - College & Career Specialist (425) 936-1615
Peggy Shay- College & Career Specialist Assistant (425) 936-1616

The College & Career Center (CCC) is a place where students may come to find out about college visits, scholarships, job openings, field trips, volunteer opportunities, or how to earn credit while working. We also have many resource books available for check-out. As we are constantly updating events, our Power School page has the latest information.

Requests for College Visit & Job Postings

College & University Admission Representatives can go to to schedule a visit to Juanita High School. You can also register to participate in our College Fair on November 7, 2019. For any questions, please email

If you are a local business or community service organization with opportunities for JHS students, please complete the appropriate intake form.  After completing the intake form, you can optionally email a flier with information for our job board and email

Intake form for job postings for Juanita Students

Intake form for volunteer postings for Juanita Students

Excellent Resources for you to take advantage of:

Visit our

PowerSchool Learning Page

Extensive resources can be found on the Career Center PowerSchool Learning Page.

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