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JHS counselors are unable to meet with incoming 9th grade students and parents. We encourage all families to utilize the information in the FAQ's below or refer to your middle school counselors for support.


Day 1: Choice School REGISTRATION Class of 2024 



Incoming 9th: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I take a math class over the summer to get ahead?

Students can take math over the summer; however, this is not recommended by the JHS math department nor the counseling department. If you are interested in doing so, there are specific steps to be taken and documents that must be submitted. Please connect with your middle school counselor if you have questions.

Can I retake a class that I took in middle school?

Yes, if you took a high school class in middle school (Algebra 1, Geometry, World Language) you can choose to retake the class at the high school if you wish. 

Can I take AP classes in 9th grade?

No, we do not have any AP classes available to freshmen. Students can begin to take AP level courses in 10th grade if they meet the course prerequisite.

Will my 504/IEP transfer to high school?

Yes, you will be assigned a 504 monitor or IEP case manager at JHS and they will be your point person for your plan. Please connect with your middle school 504 monitor or IEP case manager with questions.

What classes should I register for if I have an IEP?

Your middle school IEP provider and/or counselor should be able to help you with this process. Any necessary edits will be made later with your IEP provider's guidance. 

I missed the counselor presentation, how can I get the paperwork for registration?

JHS counselors will leave copies for any students who are absent with their middle school counselors. The following week counselors will be back to help them register for classes and can answer any questions they may have then. You can see the PowerPoint presentation linked above under registration materials.

I missed the 2nd day of registration, how do I register for classes?

Please turn-in your completed and signed course selection sheet to your middle school counselor ASAP, we will make sure the class requests get entered.

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