Out of District & Online Credit Information

Counseling Department Statement

At Juanita High School, we are committed to ensuring students get a strong and diverse education. Not only are we interested in student success in high school, but we are invested in student success in higher education and beyond.  We ordinarily do not recommend students accelerate their pathway over the summer, but we also understand that some students can accelerate a pathway and still find success at the next level.  We do not want to hold a student back from advancing in their course work, but at the same time, we want to make sure they are prepared for the next level.  Therefore, we believe it is crucial for you to understand the the below regarding online coursework.

Requirement Information


FOR PRE-APPROVAL:  For courses taken over the summer, students must turn in all forms NO LATER THAN June 1.  Any forms submitted after this date will not be approved.  This applies to both current JHS students and current 8th graders moving in to 9th grade. See submission information below.

FOR COURSE PLACEMENT CHANGE:  We must receive the final official transcript from the Out of District provider by AUGUST 21 for your student to be changed to the next level class.  Please note that we cannot guarantee there will be room in the next level class, so the change is pending space available. Official transcripts must be sent directly to the registrar. 

FOR SENIORS:  If you are senior completing an Out of District course for a class needed for graduation, your final official transcript from the Out of District provider must be received by Juanita High School no later than May 15th