Daily Schedule - Remote and In Person Learning

Remote & In Person Schedule:  This information is for everyone!

Attendance:  This information is for everyone!

  • Definition of absence from in-person learning:
  • A student is absent from in-person learning when the student is:
  • Not physically present on school grounds; and
  • Not participating in the following activities at an approved location during a scheduled in-person learning day:
  • Definition of absence from remote learning:
  • A student is absent from remote learning when the student is not participating in planned instructional activities on a scheduled remote learning day.
  • Evidence of student participation in remote learning may include, but is not limited to:
  • Daily logins to learning management systems;
  • Daily interactions with the teacher to acknowledge attendance (including messages, emails, phone calls or video chats); or
  • Evidence of participation in a task or assignment.

Process and Procedures for In-Person Ravens:

  • We must follow  the attestation process every day.  Here is a link to learn about the attestation process.  Attestation - Secondary - Lake Washington School District (lwsd.org)
  • Masks are required on our campus  at all times. This includes the parking lot. 
  • Upon arrival, students will be directed to go straight to their class.  For the health and safety of all, we cannot have anyone stopping and gathering, so catch up with your friends while you walk and talk. 
  • Please see the attached map.  Students need to know  teacher classroom numbers prior to Monday.     Look ahead of time on Skyward and take a picture of your schedule with your phone, or write it down!  If you forget, we will have hard copies of schedules but we prefer not to have to manage long lines!
  • Stay to the right when on stairs and hallways.  There are signs and markings on the floor to help you remember. 
  • Students will learn the process for eating a quick snack in designated spots from their teachers.  We ask that students bring  water bottles as well as easy-to-eat quick snacks for those who thinks they will need one, (granola bars, string cheese, etc.  We will have snacks on hand in classrooms for any student who needs to grab something. 
  • Lunch is a free grab and go for anyone who wants one.  Students will move through a line, pick up their lunch and then leave campus.
  • At the end of the school day, all students need  to leave the campus, even if they have sports later.  The exceptions are 0/8 hour students.  They will eat lunch in the commons and then go to class.