Parking on Campus: 2018-19

Due to the addition of a new temporary parking lot for the 2018-19 school year, there will be over 100 additional parking spaces for students next year. This means that there will be enough spaces for all 2018-19 Seniors and many 2018-19 Juniors who want to purchase on-campus parking passes for next year.

2018-19 Seniors can secure the opportunity to purchase a parking pass for next year by filling out the required parking forms and turning them in to Ms. Castiglione in the Main Office before the end of this school year. This will put them on a list to purchase the pass at the beginning of next school year.

2018-19 Seniors who do not get their parking paperwork turned in before Summer will have the opportunity to enter into a lottery for available parking spaces in the Fall along with 2018-19 Juniors, but will have the same odds of securing a space as the other students who enter. 2018-19 Seniors and 2018-19 Juniors who submit their parking forms during the first week of school will be entered into the lottery and names will be drawn at the end of the first week for the opportunity to purchase a pass. The number of students who will be selected is dependent upon how many 2018-19 Seniors have guaranteed a spot by submitting their paper work before the end of this school year.

Questions or concerns should be directed to Associate Principal Joe Gorder.


To obtain a parking permit, you will need to bring in the paperwork below along with your current student ID card. You will not be issued a parking permit without this paperwork. You may bring them to the Main Office before or after school and/or during your lunch period.

  1. Bring your current student ID
  2. Copy of Student’s driver’s license
  3. Copy of Insurance card
  4. Copy of Vehicle registration
  5. Appropriate grade parking application

2018-19 Senior parking application